Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Very Private Affair

Last year the studio of Karol Radziszewski burnt down in a blaze. Lost was all of the artist's work, along with the archives of Eastern Europe's only arty-queer magazine, DIK Fagazine.

In the studio that is no longer

the blaze

But arent's we surrounded by archives? To open this year's Poznań Photography Biennal, Radziszweski curated a very special show that answers just that question. 

Entitled "For Personal Use", it presents the  private erotic collections as submitted by ordinary individuals. You know, that stash of magazines under the bed, or that folder entitled "XYZ", hidden somewhere in the darkest depths of your hard drive that you didn't think anyone would ever see? 

If you make it to Poznań, you can also see what I sent in…if you find me. 

Out of the fire sprang a new collection. It's not how you fall - it's how you get it up.

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