Sunday, 8 December 2013

Xavier at the Farm

Last night at the Black Bear Filmfest, Xavier Dolan's new film "Tom at the Farm" convinced. Intense, intelligent, and surprisingly eerie, this is the Canadian director's best yet.

Dolan, almost unrecognisable with bad clothes and worse hair, plays Tom, who attends his ex-boyfriend Guillaume's funeral in the countryside and gets entangled with Guillaume's violent brother Francis (played by head-to-toe hottie Pierre-Yves Cardinal). 

The tension is real and palpable from beginning to end, broken up only with some improbably hilarious scenes. It's a bit as if Almodóvar had made a film in the 80s and decided to set it on a Canadian farm. Except that it is truly scary. And Cardinal is sexier than Banderas ever was. Instant classic. 

"Tom at the Farm" (2013) Trailer

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  1. The film is disturbing but magnificent! Dolan is one of my favorite director!