Sunday, 24 November 2013

Warsaw Shore

I feel sullied. I have been seduced - no, flashed - by Poland's possibly lowest-quality import ever: MTV's Warsaw Shore.

Yes, it's true. Massive posters of Polish fake-tanned people look upon the whole city. At first this may have been funny, but now it is getting hard. Why are they so Orange? Why are they screaming? Is it because they are cold? Or in pain?

This photo is extra-small for your own protection

It is this intrigue which led me to watch the first episode. Yes, this might seem like hypocrisy. But I had to see it for myself. It despaired me much, and I threw away my laptop after fifteen minutes.  How long will you last? You won't need to know any Polish to see it, the participant's body language is so expressive. But just in case you wonder - bzykać is a contemporary word for copulation.

Beach-goers on Warsaw's Shore in 1930

Meanwhile, scandalized viewers have started a campaign to remove the biggest poster that entirely covers the facade of the historical Smyk department store. So far 15,000 people like "Remove the Warsaw Shore banner from Smyk". One commentator added as an afterthought: Remove Warsaw Shore from television. 

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