Tuesday, 5 February 2013


In London, going to see an exhibition on a weekend can be a bad idea - unless you are studying the behaviour of crowds. The other day throngs of trendy twenty-somethings prevented me from casting an eye at Death: A Self-Portrait at the Wellcome Collection.

Artificial Eyes, 1870-1920

But every obstacle is an opportunity, it seems. Instead of giving up I ventured upstairs to the permanent collection. Hipsters and families still abounded, but in the space one could enjoy the bizarre exhibits on obesity and bodily deformations with the right degree of calm.

John Isaacs, "I can't helpt the way I feel" (2003)
Medicine Man

The absolute highlight though was Medicine Man, an eclectic exhibition of objects collected by Henry Wellcome during his liftime. My jaw dropped in silence at artificial noses, Roman phallic amulets, and a Peruvian mummy. 

Henry Wellcome in fancy dress

A decent plan B, that morbid Wunderkammer. Next time, for temporary shows - late nights.

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