Sunday, 10 February 2013

Death in St. Malo

This week I sprang across the Channel to Saint Malo. In Brittany's medieval city of pirates, sun, wind and rain alternated like the blades of a windmill.

We stayed in the Hotel Chateaubriand, birthplace of the Romantic poet. Under high ceilings and potted palms, my man wore a sailor suit and I wore tweed. There was something eerily Death in Venice about it.

Except for the plague, and the perving. Instead, we walked along the beach in mutual agreement, and admired the most beautiful of seaside pools from an appropriate distance.

The End.

Death in Venice (1971), Luciano Visconti; full movie


  1. Quel romantique !! Je n'ai pas vu le film mais j'adore le livre "la mort à Venise" !

  2. Ouiii il est tres bien ce livre (d'ailleurs je le lisais quand je commencais chez FEMME)! The film does it justice, comme disent les Anglais.