Sunday, 24 February 2013

Decadent or Deranged

This week seemed to be all about losing it. First, Brigitte Fontaine's song Je suis décadente (I am decadent) struck my cords with its eccentric drama and cooky cabaret clip.

Brigitte Fontaine, Je suis décadente (1964)

Je mangerai un yaourt tous les soirs, 
Quand je serai psychiatre avenue Mozart. 
(I'll eat a yoghurt every night,
When I'm a psychiatrist on Mozart Avenue). 

Stuck in an office, did it make me wanna go a little crazy? Maybe. Which is why I remembered Steven Meisel's serenely mental shoot for Vogue Italia 2007. 

Fabulous? Amazingly wrong? Beauty goes with everything, including crazy. But Alexander McQueen's version - may he rest in peace - pushed me over the edge, and put an end to my glamorization of the deranged.

Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2001

I'll try to stick with just decadent. 

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