Saturday, 21 July 2012

dOCUMENTA 13: A Hundred Days of Art

Last Sunday I woke up in Germany. At 8am my Dad and I got into the car and drove three hours south, destination dOCUMENTA 13

The world's largest contemporary art exhibition is held every four years in Kassel, a drab industrial town in the heart of Deutschland. For a hundred days, artists from around the world show specially commissioned works across museums, parks and random semi-public places. The whole thing is even more overwhelming than it sounds. But the trip is worth every effort: This might just be the most thought-provoking show this side of the millennium. 

Untitled, Pierre Huyghe. Taking the beehive to another level.

Leaves of Grass, 2012, Geoffrey Farmer. 50 years' worth of LIFE Magazine

Detail from Leaves of Grass

Anna Mario Maiolino, Here & There, A whole house of strangeness

Untitled, 2012, Francis Alÿs - part of 20 Afghanistan-themed paintings in an ex-bakery. 

Tacita Dean, Fatigues, 2012, chalk on blackboard. In city's the former tax office.
Detail from Fatigues - an Afghani river
Song Dong's Doing Nothing Garden, made from organic waste

Full review coming soon

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