Tuesday, 17 July 2012


A Danish teeanger comes to Paris,  models for Coco Chanel, meets and marries Jean-Luc Godard and becomes the embodiment of the French Nouvelle Vague. This is Anna Karina's life in a nutshell. 

To begin to understand Anna's mysterious charm, watch this excerpt from the show "Who are you...?" (which by the way inspired the cult fashion world spoof "Who are you, Polly Maggoo?").

Who Are You, Anna Karina? (1967) - 9 mins, with English subtitles 
[looking like Kate Moss at 8:15?]

Another feat of Miss Karina? Starring in what is probably the only musical ever produced that Parisians would not dismiss as ringard (tacky). "Anna" is an avantgarde TV film written by Serge Gainsbourg, filled to the brim with catchy songs. Here the whole thing - with a pubescent-looking Marianne Faithful at 32:25.  

Anna (1967) - 87 mins
Featuring Serge Gainsbourg and Marianne Faithfull

Merci Anna. 

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  1. Chouette elle est sincère à elle même, simple et vraiment coquette ♬