Monday, 21 April 2014

Paradise (Lost)

Somehow this week was about perfection.

First, environmentalist supermodel Angela Lindvall travelled to Marrakesh for brand new Porter magazine and delivered instagrammy utopia. The shoot may be less fashion forward than French Vogue's incredible Morocco editorial in 2010, but it is also more dreamy (and like everything perfect, doesn't take itself too seriously).

Full Story here

Next, Fucking Young magazine's editorial "Inflorescence" put me into the mood for Spring. Far too long have we waited for flowers to bloom. And now I just want to run through fields with my arms in the air. Who wouldn't want a backpack made of hortensias while doing that?

Full editorial here

Ending on a melancholic note - because Paradise only ever exists in retrospect - Russian queer exile-artist Slava Mogutin remembers the Crimea of his childhood. It includes naked boys, Stalinist monuments and the sub-tropical beaches of Koktebel. And there we were thinking Putin had no taste. 

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