Sunday, 21 April 2013

Queers and Mexicans

A mixed bag for Sunday night.

First, a great Radio 3 programme by a friend of a friend on Mexico's baroque tradition of violence; from the Aztecs to the current beheadings by drug gangs.

A Taste for the Baroque

Dude with La Santa Muerte, the deity of Mexico's underworld

Next, this month's best purchase already lying proudly on my coffee table: Phaidon's new whopper Art & Queer Culture. Almost unbelievably, it is the first comprehensive book to focus on the criticism and theory regarding queer visual art. Instant classic.

'The word homosexual was never used; they just said, "He's an artist".'
Paul Cadmus, recalling 1930s New York

And since we're on the topic of queers and Mexicans: my Flickr account is newly updated...

Un certain regard, Laurent
Buenas Noches!

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