Thursday, 26 April 2012

Parallel Scars

Interview Magazine: Model Jamie Bochert and fiancé Michael Pitt (remember him as Henry from Dawson's Creek?) trek to the Moroccan desert to shoot a short film and channel Philippe Garrel's 1972 feature La Cicatrice Interiéure (The Inner Scar). 

For Interview Magazine, photography by Jamie Bochert - full shoot here

The Inner Scar saw Nico, the depressed siren of Velvet Underground, crossing out-of-this-world landscapes as a female Petit Prince on crack. Nico's son also appears in a scene, leading her on a white horse through desert dusk while she sings All that is my own.

Nico: My only child & All that is my Own, from La cicatrice intérieure

At the time of shooting Nico was going out with the film's director, Philippe Garrel, whose son Louis later starred in Bertulucci's exquisite Dreamers (2003) alongside - Michael Pitt. Closed circuit? And à propos legendary Italian directors, Nico in Fellini's Dolce Vita

In any case Bochert's contemporary take on the film is less deranged nudist hippie, and more pseudo-goth fashionista. Which, thank you Jamie, reflects 2012 pretty accurately.

Here the source of inspiration in full.

IN FULL: La cicatrice intérieure (1972) by Phillippe Garrel

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