Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cardboard Creativity (or Answers to an Economic Crisis)

Last year I went to Buenos Aires to visit my friend Gemma (unrepresentative photo below). Before my trip I'd seen an Arte documentary on the publishing house Eloisa Cartonera, and so a visit to their office-shop was high on my list.

Eloisa Cantonera was formed in reaction to the Argentine economic crisis in 2001, which included dramatic rises in consumer prices, unemployment and homelessness. The collective buys cardboard from cartoneros (people living off scrap collection), handpaints it and uses it as binding for the works of previously unpublihed writers and poets. Several of them, especially Washington Cucurto, have since become cult authors in Latin America, and last year Eloisa Cartonera was invited to the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Astounding what one can achieve with some creativity and a bit of cardboard...

Who needs e-books.

If you're ever in B.A., go and pay them a visit. Excellent contemporary art museum Fundación Proa and best steak in town at El Obrero just next door.

Arte Documentary in German: http://www.arte.tv/de/suche/3046940.html

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